Thursday, July 3, 2014

Eastside Stitchers Wednesday Night


July 1 was horribly hot.  We broke the high temperature record by 5 degrees (F).  I had so much trouble sleeping because of the heat.  My cats abandoned the couch to try to find a cool place to rest on our wood floor.
I woke up with the sunrise after just a few hours of often interrupted dozing to take the photo above of the gorgeous sunrise, then went back to bed.  It was already cooler, and with the clouds coming in, I was pretty sure we were going to have a much nicer day.

If you ready my training post from yesterday, you know that I was able to ride my bike mid-day, it was so nice.  But, sleeping in put me on a weird sleep schedule.  Anyway, I am still not back to a regular sleep schedule, though today is overcast, and nice and cool again.  I did go to Crossroads last night for our Eastside Stitchers Wednesday meet up, but came home and went to bed before posting, so I will do that now.

If you follow this blog just for the Wednesday Eastside Stitchers reports, you will be able to watch Addie growing up.  She is such a fun addition to our group.  One of my favorite things is that her dad calls me Tutu.  Ha ha ha ha.  I got to hold her a bit last night, and she played with my tube of beads (I brought the Stage 4 Tour de Socks Socks which are beaded) like a rattle.  I am training this girl to love beaded knits.

When Addie comes to Stitch Night, I always work with her on her vocabulary.  I am trying to get her to say, "Malabrigo" for her first word.
This vocabulary lesson is helped along by Addie's mom, GwenS, who is knitting a baby sweater in Malabrigo.  Notice that she is on the last sleeve!

Another great first word for Addie might be Madelinetosh.  JulieMustKnit provided this vocabulary word last night, in the form of a Colorblock Bias Blanket by Purl Soho.  The yarn is super cushy and the garter stitch super cushy.  This blanket might take Julie longer than she thinks because she will so tempted to stop often and squish it.

Pam2 is working on baby vocabulary of her on in the form of "Grandchild."
She is knitting a textured baby sweater for her first expected Grandbaby!  So exciting.

Wajio brought her faux colorwork socks.
Somehow she was able to start the socks at just the right spot and they are looking identical.

Ok, it's already 8 am, and although it's nice out, I believe after my killer ride yesterday, I will head out to the gym where I can ride the recumbent bike.  It's much easier on my bum.

shaping the planet in cooler weather.

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