Friday, July 25, 2014

10th Annual Stith 'N Pitch


Last night I went to watch the Seattle Mariners play the Baltimore Orioles at the 10th annual Stitch 'N Pitch.  We had a group of 10,  5 Eastside Stitchers, and Family.  Tara1682, Wireknitter, Readnitdream, JulieMustKnit and I brought various dh's and kids to watch the game and enjoy the fiber fun. 

It was freezing!  I brought my number 4 kid, Himes, and we almost brought one of my afghans with us to keep warm.  JulieMustKnit should have brought the beautiful bias afghan she has been knitting.  She could have draped it over her knees to keep warm while knitting.

There was a market set up with soooo many LYSs represented.  It was almost like a mini LYS-Crawl, but both South and North Puget Sound shops were represented.
Rain City Yarns

Fiber Gallery

Country Yarns
As well as:
Apple Yarns

Firwood Farm Alpacas

Acorn Street Shop
The Seattle Knitters Guild had a booth with a drawing for a $50 gift card to ANY local yarn shop.  I didn't win.

Seattle Knitters Guild

 All around us people were knitting or crocheting. The two knitters in front of me were working on colorwork projects, a pair of mittens, and a hat.  What?? I asked them, how could you bring colorwork?  I had brought a very simple hat to knit.  They both laughed and admitted that they had just grabbed wips, and that it had probably been a mistake.  The work was beautiful, though.
Himes wanted to watch the game, so I didn't linger very long in the market.  Tara1682 snagged some gorgeous sale yarns, for some reason, all in the same color of malachite.
hahahaha not really, she also bought some other colors... light green, too I think.

One of the most exciting parts of the game, was when the Mariner's Moose sat in the section next to ours, and tried to knit.
We missed having Schrike in our group as our resident "guy knitter" but about 5 rows below me was a guy knitting wearing what I am pretty sure is a Turn A Square hat by Jared Flood. 
We left after the Seventh Inning Stretch, while the Mariners were behind 0 - 4, because as anyone who has made the mistake of asking my opinion about Major League Baseball knows, I believe that all games should only be seven innings long.  That was the final score as the Mariners lost to the Orioles 0 - 4.

shaping the planet with baseball (ha ha not really, it's with knitting)

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