Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Knitting, Short Training Ride, and Finished Tour de Sock Stage 3 Photos


First the bike ride.  I have been feeling sore for the last few days, not horribly, but just ... sore.  I didn't go for a ride on Friday (I told myself to go after work, but I didn't), and then yesterday, as I was finishing my Roll The Bones socks, I kept saying to myself, go after you finish this section, go after you finish This section, ok, go after you finish THIS section, until it was too late to go.  So, I made myself go even though I haven't finished the sleeves of the baby sweater that I need to finish today.

So it was a short ride because I felt sore right away.  I warmed up a bit, but, I am lazy and I don't want to hurt myself.  I decided to go the other way on the lake road (West Lake Samammish Blvd.), clockwise.  There is a bike lane only on the west side of the street if I go counterclockwise, the way I have usually been riding.  It is a wide lane, but still it feels weird to ride back against the traffic.  Once you cross into Redmond, going clockwise, there are bike lanes on both sides of the street, so I went that way.  I could tell immediately that it was going to be tough.  There is a slight incline right away, but then a fairly good downhill bit.  All I could think was that if I rode too far, I would never make it back up that hill.  I rode to Idylwood park, which is a public beach park on Lake Samammish, turned around, and came back.  I got all the way down to first gear on that incline, but I didn't have to get off and walk, so I felt pretty good.  It was only a total of 4 miles, but, it felt like uphill almost the entire way.

Sunday Morning Knitting

We met in the regular restaurant part of Panera's in Redmond instead of in the meeting room as another group had reserved it for 10, and we didn't want to move.  We don't always have enough people to reserve the room, and hate to keep people from using it if our group is small.  The lighting isn't great in the regular dining room, well, it's fine for dining, but not great for knitting, but it's not horrible.

The best part of the knitting was that Hvrdmnky came with BABIES!
 BlueWolfWalking was working on a shawl.
VanesaPolo was doing math (geometry) and swatching a new shawl design.
Puzan was working on her Featherweight Cardigan. and Jittery Knitter brought a huge squishy garterstitch afghan by Stephan West.
After feeding the girls, Hrvdmnky had a chance to work on a baby sweater.
Such a great way to start the day.

Roll The Bones

I wore my finished Roll the Bones socks to knitting.  I just love them, and the fit great.
The gusset decreases are on the bottom, and are included in the pattern:
Beena likes them, too (or just wanted to know what I was doing...)
shaping the planet with a bike ride.

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