Friday, May 24, 2013

Proud Mama

Ok, I am now bragging about my son, Pookie.  I just got back from a rehearsal in his ballet class.  This is not really for any performance, but as part of the studio's training, they are working on Pas de Deux's from classical ballets. 

This is Pookie and his lovely partner (she is 16), he is 17, rehearsing the Act III Prince Florimund and Princess Aurora Grand Pas de Deux from Sleeping Beauty.

(sorry it is broken into 2 short videos)

This part is the solos and the coda:

and this last one is the 2 dancers doing the Bluebird Pas de Deux, also from Sleeping Beauty.

This is Pookie's last year really dancing ballet, as he will head off to Princeton in September.  They have some dance there, but no dance major, and let's face it, we are not sending him to Princeton to major in dance. 

Our ballet teacher is the most amazing person, and we have been just blessed to have spent time with her.  I don't think she would want me to post her name, so I won't, but I still want to give her all the credit for teaching both of my sons such wonderful technique and artistry.


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