Friday, May 24, 2013

Fiber Friday with Cookies!


Someone (Skeinherder) arrived at Crossroads a bit early this morning.  Needing sustenance, she went to the French Bakery and brought the group... Cookies!

Who was stitching at Crossroads this morning?  (and perhaps nibbling on cookies?)

BlueBerryMary brought the baby bear booties and bear she had started last week.  She finished the booties and wove in the ends.
When she finished, she worked some more on the matching blanket.

Winterpromise31 has almost finished her boucle scarf.  She put it aside before I remembered to get a photo, so I only got one of the next project she brought out, a simple, yet very pretty colored, washcloth.
Skeinherder was knitting something that involved holding 2 fingering weight yarns together.  She is using the same yarn, I believe just taking from inside and outside the yarn cake at the same time.  What is she knitting?  I have no idea.  What yarn is she using?  I have no idea.  I just remember that this sparked a bit discussion about yarn weights and holding 2 yarns together.  Not my best reporting moment.

Pretty beginning, however.
Wireknitter has made huge progress on her Herringbone Boomerang by Susan Ashcroft.  We all marvelled at the subtle changes in this scarf from the 2 skeins of yarn she has used.  If you can believe it, these are from the same dye lot.  Look closely, the colors are the same, but the yarn has been plied just differently enough, that the striping is a bit different.  I doesn't change how lovely the scarf is.  It is just something interesting to think about, when you are buying this type of yarn.
Colleen finished her latest baby blanket,
with just a bit of yarn left over.

LOL!  Edited to add that CathieC was present, but as she was stitching up her Frankenhat, and wouldn't let me photograph it or stay until she was finished, I don't have photos.  And, since I am obviously getting really old, if I don't have a photo, it slips my mind that the project was at Crossroads.  However, CathieC promised to bring the totally sewn, woven in hat next Wednesday night for a FO photo.

I was working on some newborn and preemie hats for a Maternity Clinic in Ghana.  This is a Quidditch Project (this game has us making up to 5 hats or blanket squares for charity).  Two of the members of Gryffindor, my house, are working with a Peace Corps Volunteer who is stationed in Ghana to send hats to this clinic.  It is fun to be working on something other than black socks.  But I am looking forward to both the next round of Sock Madness AND Tour de Sock to start so I can get busy with another 2 pair of socks.

It wasn't until I put all of the photos up on my computer that I realized we had a definite purple theme going today,

at least with the things we could photograph..... I'm not saying what else was being stitched today.  We missed you, VanesaPolo, and hope Yoga was fun.

I am looking forward to the Memorial Day Weekend, and lots of work on other secret projects.

shaping the planet with blue hats in a purple field.

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