Thursday, May 23, 2013

High Button Socks


I have finally finished the Round 4 Socks for Sock Madness.  These were not difficult but if you look closly, you might see that I had trouble with the tension in the purl rounds on the foot.  In fact, I finally switched around, and knit on the inside of the socks, but right handed.  You can see where the foot gets much more consistent.

I liked the eyelet pattern for the top (instep) the front of the leg.

The twisted rib for the back was fun and I think it looks pretty nice.

My buttons do not look very evenly spaced, but I doubt I will move them.  I think I am dune with these socks.

When I finished sewing the last buttonn, I noticed that I was one button short.  Of course, I had brought the sock with my to Sewing Lab.  Of course I brought the socks... but NOT THE BUTTONS.

When I got home from Sewing Lab, I found the missing button hiding in the couch cushions.  Thank goodness I found it.

I really love the look, especially with the black yarn and the white pearl  buttons.

I wish the black photographed better, it looks washed out and gray here.

I want to say that I have heard on the news that the bridge for Interstate 5 (the main freeway that goes from the California/Mexican border up through California, Oregon and Washington all the way to the Washington/Canada Border) over the Skagit River has collapsed.  Both North and South lanes collapsed, dropping cars into the Skagit River.  As far as I can tell, at this time, there are no fatalities, but at least 3 people were injured.  This is the route we took north last weekend for the 2013 North Puget Sound LYS Tour.  It is so scary to think how close we were to this disaster.  My thoughts are with all of the people injured in the collapse and I am so thankful that it looks like no one was killed.

Bye for now. It's Fiber Friday tomorrow.  I can't wait to knit with my Eastside Stitchers, and on something other than socks.

shaping the world with some pretty fancy high button socks.


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