Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Eastside Stitchers Freeze in May


This is one weird iris blooming on my beautiful Black Bart Iris.  The full dark purple is the normal blossom.  What is this mutant flower?  I have never seen anything like it, but there are a few more buds on the plant that look as weirdly variegated.

I just might dig up and sell the bulbs.

On to the important stuff.  It is freezing in Bellevue.  Today the high temperature was 57 F, and the low was 47 F.  It is almost June.  What is wrong with our weather?

The cold did not keep the Eastside Stitchers from our weekly meet up at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue.  We had a really large group tonight, as our visitor (and soon to be regular), AspenD, joined us from the UK, and and new friend, LauraH came to meet us all tonight, too.

Who was in out of the cold, and what were thy working on:?

Wajio was starting another pair of baby booties.  She is making "moc-a-socs."  These are amazingly cute baby booties that look like mocassins.

AspenD was working on an Elizabeth Shawl. by Dee O'Keefe.
MsWiz was starting the 3rd of 4 hats she is knitting for some very lucky children.
MsWiz is the very lucky recipient of some fabulous project bags by VanesaPolo.

CathieC is making good progress on her Frankenhat.  She has taken 2 different patterns, and is putting them together in one beautiful hat. 
The top of her hat is taken from the pattern Beginners Basketweave by Margaret Maney.

 CathieC had also brought one of her amazingly cute project bags.

Tara1682 and Skeinherder are making amazing progress on their Racing Raindrops scarves.

They got this pattern from Churchmouse Yarn & Teas during our stop this Sunday.

GwenS started her 4th Aviatrix hat. 

Hrvdmnky is still working on her Rivel Cardigan, by Miram Feton.

Wireknitter is knitting a beautiful Herrringbone Boomerang by Susan Ashcroft. 
The colors of her yarn are truly gorgeous.

VanesaPolo had finished another Potato Chip Scarf for her mother.

LauraH brought an Owlie Sleepsack.

And, Colleen brought a beautiful baby blanket. 
I brought my High Button Socks, which have been bound off the needles.  I am currently sewing on the buttons.  I will have to finish them up tomorrow because, once again, I am falling asleep at the keyboard.  I have 4 buttons to go, but, lately, I get home and pick up my keyboard to post, or my needles to knit, and it is like a wall of fatigue hits me.  I just can't see straight to sew on the last few buttons. 

I have sewing lab tomorrow morning, so, although I want to work on some more project bags, I will finish sewing on the buttons so I can just finish this round!

shaping the planet with some new Eastside Stitchers.

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