Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One Step Forward...


Today I spent my crafting time hooking the same 3 rows over and over, then when I switched to knitting, knitting 5 rows only to rip them all out, knit a row, then tink 3.   One step forward and definitely two steps backward.

I discovered an error in something I am crocheting that was 2 rows back.  So I had to rip that back to the errror.  Then when I was hooking forward again, I saw a new error and hat to rip out the new row.

Tonight, I went over to my neighbor knit buddy's house.  We are both knitting the same thing, me for one of the expecting Mamas in Eastside Stitchers,  and Lyla for her grandson.  When I got home, I thought I would knit a few more rows before getting off for bed only to discover that I had some type of error in the increases.  That meant ripping out everything I had knit at Lyla's house.  I finally figured out where I had gone wrong, about 5 rows back.  But, after I had picked the dropped stitches, and was knitting forward again, I discovered that I had not gone back quite far enough, and this time tinked 2 rows.

When I am knitting or crocheting for a gift, I find myself being extra careful.  It is a bit tough, because  I am on a deadline (we have set the date for the baby shower).  If I can stay on my schedule, I should be fine.  But, if I continue to knit 1 row forward and 2 backwards, I will not have anything to show by the Baby Shower!

The next Sock Madness pattern is to come out tomorrow.  It is the zipper socks.  I am dreading it a bit.  I am to travel down to help out at my brother's house for another week, and will have to do the bulk of the SM knitting down there.  I doubt I will be able to balance speed knitting and helping out.  But I will do my best to stay in the competition.  After all, I thought I might be kicked after the first round.

Ok, time for bed.  And, I'm sorry I can't show you what is going on with my knitting and hooking tonight.  When I start new socks, I should be able to show those.

shaping the planet with less accomplished than I had hoped.

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