Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cat Whisperer


I have been cat sitting.  Not sitting on cats, but spending time with not only  my 2 horribly behaved cats, Beena and Muffin, but some well behaved cats (Rocky and Sunny) and some not so well behaved cats (Navi and Zeks).

Rocky and Sunny live with GwenS.
When GwenS and the lovely Addie were gone for the July 4th weekend, I stopped by on my walk every morning to feed, water and spend a little time with the elusive Rocky and the more friendly Sunny.
By the last day, Sunny was coming up to me for scratches, and Rocky wasn't running and hiding.  Ok, he was still very shy, though he did sniff my fingers one time.

I am also taking care of Allifer's 2 cats Navi (also known as Naughty Navi) and Zeks.
Navi is my own Beena's niece.  (or some relation as she came from the same ranch where we got Beena).  What is that stuff all over her face?  Cobwebs.  Navi loves to explore the corners of the garage, and is often covered with cobwebs when I arrive at her house.  However, Navi LOVES attention, and runs up to me as I enter, demanding love and scratches.
Zeks, like Rocky, is way more shy.  this is a photo of him taken from the bottom of the stairs shooting up to the landing above.  He would not come down.
Why are the 2 boy cats so much more shy?

O well.  At least I am getting lots of kitty love this week.

shaping the planet with cats.

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