Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Catch up Post 1: Sunday Afternoon

Hello,Sunday morning, I slept in a bit  then checked out of my hotel, and moved into Moogie's apartment for the last few nights. Pookie, Moogie and I were supposed to go to brunch together, but as I felt like the walking dead, I stayed back and tried to sleep more. Then we went out to The Bronx to see the art show Moogie has been doing marketing for. One of her internships this summer has been with Clocktower  Productions, an arts and radio non-profit.they had a show of sound, performance and visual art called, Anxious Spaces , at this big gallery space in The Bronx. It's really difficult to describe this kind of art because the sound part is so important.  My favorite piece was in the first room, and was just a microphone hanging down in the middle of the room, with a speaker on the far wall. There was some loop of sounds running continuously,  but the mic picked up sounds the visitors made, distorted them, and played them back as part of the sound. We spent some time clapping, snapping, and whooping. When we were leaving, someone brought on a bike, and was ringing the bell. It was really cool.
     On the walk back to the subway, we passed through a neighborhood with lots of great Street art.

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