Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Regular Wednesday


It wasn't as hot today as it has been lately.  We have been breaking heat records (and no rain records) like crazy.  But today, there was this haze in the sky, and it seemed to block the sun just enough to lower our temperature about 5 degrees (F).  This was enough to make it a pleasant day.  I'm pretty sure that our "helping haze" is smoke from all of the fires that are burning across our state.  There are also wildfires burning in Canada and Oregon that could be pouring smoke into the Puget Sound area.

Anyway, a perfect way to beat the heat is to knit at Crossroads in Bellevue, and a fair number of Eastside Stitchers showed up to hang out at the faux wooden tables.

Let's see if I can get this right:

Wajio has tinked the toes of her socks and is making them longer/wider.  Unfortunately, due to the dim light (we really need to get the Crossroads management to fix that), she left early.
hairybikers has finished a washcloth, and was half way through a second.

nightorchid has made good progress on her reclaimed yarn scarf.  That scarf feels like "butter" it is so soft.
BlueBerryMary brought a bit of unplanned pooling, a cowl in Seahawk's colors, that is almost argyle.
She also brought her bag that she is working on.  This will be felted when the knitting is finished.
IAmACuttlefish brought a sweater.  It is amazing how we can keep knitting sweaters in all this heat.
GwenS also brought a sweater, but one that is Addie size.  Se has to finish it tonight so she can turn it in for Quidditch Game 3.  (I did 2 rows of my Hexagon Afghan.)  When I dropped her off at her house, she had 4 rows of the sleeve to go.
JitteryKnitter brought a shawl.
Puzan brought (and worked on) at least 3 different projects.  This one is a cowl.
Wireknitter also brought a shawl.  Super pretty summery colors.
Dawn (I need her Rav name) is working on something out of the beautiful yarn she brought with her from Tennessee? Kansas?  Anyway, it's really pretty.
Chockelet is knitting a Color Me Plaid shawl.

And Domesticshorthair was swatching for a sweater.
shaping the planet in the fog.

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