Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fiber Friday

Friday morning I got a text from GwenS, "I'll be at knitting today..."  Wha??? I had totally forgotten Fiber Friday!  I had taken my usual morning walk, but was just settling in to knit at home, so of course I gathered my knitting things and headed out to Crossroads to knit.

We had a nice size group at the round table under the skylight (the light is great in the day time there).  And since I didn't post right after I got home (though I did go tutor immediately after), I have forgotten 2 of the projects!  I'm hoping someone (GwenS) will pm or text me so I can update this post with all the names.
GwenS was knitting this amazing shawl.  The yarn is Caterpillargreen Yarn's MCN Fingering Self-striping.  Yes, this yarn is self-striping shawl yarn.

Constance was starting a lace shawl.
WinterPromise31 was knitting a cabled bag.
CathieC was working on this beautiful hat.  Interesting construction with the woven border knit flat, then joined in the round.
Dreamweaver19 is making good progress on her baby blanket.  This is all from one skein of crazy yarn that she bought on the South Sound Yarn Crawl.

So I know BlueBerryMary was there, and I can't remember if she was starting a new project:
But I'm pretty sure this was hers.

I also have this photo of the 3 color cowl that CathieC has almost finished. It is not social knitting, as she is on the lace section, so she just brought it for Show and Tell.
Ok, enough of my bad memory.  It would be ok if we knew that I had learned my lesson and would make a better habit of immediately posting these "Who was Knitting" posts, but we all know that I won't and will continue to wait a few days, then have to wonder, who the heck was knitting this beautiful project?

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