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The cooler weather we have been having since the weekend is awesome.  Now, if it would just rain.  But, at least the clouds are progress.

I am getting ready to leave (very early Thursday morning) for NYC to visit Moogie.  I have been having such a great summer, and am making progress on many of my projects.  I know I won't be knitting much while I am there as Moogie has just about every minute planned with museums, walking tours, Broadway shows, Taste of Manhattan, etc.  I need to plan for airplane knitting, and a bit of night time/hotel knitting (if I am not too exhausted).  What will I bring?

Well, I have made great progress on the 3 pair of cabled socks I am knitting for my Herbology OWL.  I finished the first of my own designs, 2 Pi R:
Two weeks ago, I finished, and even blocked, the second pair, Bex by CookieA, in Periwinkle Sheep Watercolors Sock in Sunshine Yellow.
These were exhausting to knit.  I started them in May, and worked on them a bit almost every day for two months.  There was many an evening where I knit one row, then set them aside and worked on the 2 Pi R socks, or some other easier knit.  I don't want to say that I didn't enjoy working on them, because I did, but they were definitely a challenge.  They fit beautifully.

 I have been knitting some socks for my brother.  His feet are so swollen that he can't wear regular socks anymore and has asked me to knit him 4 pair.

I sent the first pair about 2 weeks ago.
I knit these toe up with a peasant heel with worsted weight yarn.  I'm using Berocco Vintage as this is great feeling yarn with a mix of wool and acrylic so it is really washable.  As much as I would love to use pure wool, or even wool/cashmere, I know that anything I send him has to be washable.  One of the tough things about ALS is that while you can't move, so it seems that you are paralyzed, you can still FEEL everything.  This makes it important to use soft comfortable yarns in these socks.

Anyway, he liked the fit, except that he wants them taller in the legs.  I made the legs only 5 in. tall because I thought he might like shorter socks for summer.  No.  He wants the full length.

I have started a second pair.
For these, I am doing a seed stitch rib.  They do knit up quickly with the big yarn.  Can I finish these before I leave and get them in the mail?  Maybe.

The last bit of progress to report on is the new window we are putting in our bedroom.  Ok, by WE, I mean our contractor, Zim.  As many of you know, we had no window to our bedroom because we had French doors to the deck instead.  These were lovely, but since we couldn't leave them open at night (hello raccoons!), we have been sweltering in the record breaking heat the Pacific Northwest has been experiencing this summer.  We decided to take out the doors, put in smaller doors and a window that can open and give us what ever breeze is coming off the lake.

Here is what the doors used to look like:
We want the new window to look like the windows in the other bedrooms that are on this side of the house:
Of course, our window will be smaller, as we also have a door.  Here is the inside showing the new door, the new half wall (for the window) and the window:
That was taken last week.  The outside is now finished,
and we are just waiting on having the inside painted, and the molding put back.  In the above photo, you can see the stained molding leaning against the new window (in cast it DOES rain).  We are loving the breeze from the window.

shaping the planet in a progressive way.
Even Beena is making progress as she THINKS about going outside.

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