Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bear Clothes


It occurs to me that I haven't been posting much of my Works In Progress lately.

I have been knitting bear clothes for Camp Erin.  This is one of the charities undertaken by the Seattle Knitters Guild this year.

I showed you the horrible "folk" outfit I made with a combination of knit and crochet.
Mostly, though I have been making Boy Bear clothes.  Why?  I think the dresses and skirts are really fun to knit, and since I have 3 sons, I worry that there won't be enough "boy" clothes so the boys get boy bears.  Now, some of the boys won't care.  But some will, and I want there to be a good selection of Boy Bear clothes.

To that end, I knit some sweaters.  The first is a textured sweater with a simple cable down the arms.
Then I made a sweater in Seahawks' colors.
I was teaching a class to the Eastside Knitters Guild on doubleknitting, and I wanted another example/demonstration piece, so I knit a second Seahawks sweater, but this one in doubleknitting.

Then I thought that those Seahawks' sweaters might need some pants, so I knit the Bear Pants pattern.
 The pattern was easy enough to follow, but has you knit the pants flat in 2 sections (sides) and then seam together.  I took the general idea, and wrote my own pattern to knit the pants in the round with NO SEAMING at all!  And I made the overalls and pants above.  They still need the ends woven in.

As ridiculous as I feel every time someone asks me if I am knitting for newborns and I have to answer, "I am knitting teddy bear clothes," it is a quick fun way to try out pattern ideas.

shaping the planet with well dressed bears.

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