Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Catching up post 4: Tenement Museum


At noon, we went on a tour at the tenement museum. We were supposed to go on a walking tour,  but it was cancelled because of the heat. We chose the tour, Irish Outsiders. There are no photographs allowed in the museum, which is a restored tenement. So, no photos here. But , I can't recommend this musem and the tours enough. It is bizarre how many people lived on the lower Eastside in a tenement and how many cultures came through that neighborhood.  At one time, New York city was the third largest German city in the world, beat only by Berlin and Vienna.  The families (20 of them in this building) lived in 3 room apartments, sitting room,  kitchen, and bedroom. Only the sitting room had an exterior wondow. The bedroom was so small, and the bed set up to sleep 4, with 2 pillows at the head, and 2 at the foot. There was no indoor plumbing,  with a pump and outhouses in the small back yard. Families of 6, and with later ethnic groups , as much as 11 or more, lived in these 3 rooms. My Losi grandfather immigrated from Italy during this tome, and I thinking he lived on the lower Eastside. I really want to find out where after visiting the museum.

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