Thursday, June 26, 2014

Where knitting and biking meet...



Today I worked at this little job where I opened a box, checked to see if there was a charger AND a cord inside, closed the box, and put it in a packing crate.  There were 8 crates of these boxes. It was supposed to take 3 hours, but I finished in 1.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  The whole time I was working, I kept thinking that I should start a blog called, "Ridiculous Temp Jobs."

When I finished, I stuffed my bike into the Doc's Suburban, and took it to Performance Bicycle Shop on 24th in Bellevue.  The back tire was seriously frayed and I had to get a new one before I rode again.  I had my knitting with me, and while the guy looked at the bike, I took it out to work on a little purple baby hat I am making.  I love these hats as they are perfect knitting to bring for when I have to wait somewhere.  The guy looked at my knitting and said, "Are you making a hat?" 

Wow, most people think these little hats are mittens or something ridiculous.  So I said, "yes, and how did you know?" and he said that he is a knitter!  We had some fun talking about Ravelry, and just knitting in general, and of course I invited him to Eastside Stitchers and the Guild.  He showed me his tattoo:
Pacific Northwest Knitters are serious people.

Then, this afternoon, JitteryKnitter picked me and my bike up, and took us to Redmond City Hall.  We rode our bikes together on the Samammish River Trail.  This beautiful trail undulates along the... Samammish River.  It is relatively flat (yay).  I was very slow, but JitteryKnitter was kind.  I made it about 3 miles before I turned around.  There was a pretty good head wind on the way back, but it felt great on my hot face.

So the total ride today was about 6 miles.  I need to work a bit on speed, and endurance.  Ok, I need to work on everything. 

Here is my latest message from Pookie from Beijng.



One of my teachers just told me a joke. (There are three summer Chinese language programs in Beijing: the Princeton one, a Harvard one, and a Duke one)

Three students are sitting in a bar. One is at Princeton in Beijing, one Harvard, and one Duke. 
The Duke student says, "when we finish classes we can use our personal time to explore Beijing."
The Harvard student responds, "what's personal time?"
The Princeton student asks, "what's "finish classes?""

Ok, I'm on the gussets of the Tour-de-Sock Stage 3 socks, and need to get back to them.

shaping the planet with new knitter/biker friends

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