Tuesday, June 24, 2014



hahahahahahahahahhahaha, we had our Steeking Class last night at the Eastside Knitters Guild regular June meeting at Crossroads Community Room, taught by the awesome and talented VanesaPolo.  I took all these photos (when I was not crocheting then cutting my own knitting!), and when I got home, I saw that the photos are pretty much just people's knitting, not actually the people who attended the class.  Oh, well, I guess this blog is about knitting anyway, right?

Here is one photo I took before the class began:
We filled the table space, and even had to put some chairs along the wall for late comers.

The instructions were clear, and VanesaPolo moved around the room helping anyone with a question.

So, instead of Who attended, here is some of the knitting that was cut.

The main things I learned were, crochet down into the middle of the column that will be cut, and up into the middle of the next column catching one leg of each stitch.  Make sure that your crocheted stitches (you are slip stitching) are tight.  And crochet a few stitches along the bottom of the piece then up the column, then along the top of the piece. 

shaping the planet with a steeks.

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