Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Made it Home!


Quick Training Note:

I rode my bike (well walked again quite a bit) up to Crossroads tonight for the regular Wednesday meet up of Eastside Stitchers.  I had to walk up Northup until it was flat enough (at about 170th Ave NE), but I rode through my neighborhood, then from the flatter part of Northup to Crossroads.  The way home was super easy as it was downhill most of the way and I totally coasted.  I told the group that they would know whether or not I made it home because I would post it on my blog, so well, I made it!

Tara1682 brought a few wonderful projects. The first is Iznik I heart you shawl.  The beads are so small. 

Then she was wearing another beautiful shawl.  It was very tough to get a decent photo.
She also worked a bit on her Bias Before and After, but I didn't get a photo of that.

Readnitdream was also working with laceweight yarn and beads.  She is making a beaded cowl for a friend.
I'm pretty sure it's the Abstract Leaves Cowl

Wajio is back from the Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon where she had the great luck to watch Judith Mackenzie judge fleeces.  It was like an amazing class on what makes a good fleece.

She brought he latest socks.  She has made huge progress and is almost at the heels.  They will probably be Fish Lips Kiss shortrow heels.
BlueBerryMary brought the cabled sweater she is knitting for her grandson.  She is working on the sleeves.

Wireknitter brought a lace shawl, too.  This group loves lace.  This looks round but is a square pattern.
This sparked a great discussion of how to begin a circular project with a magic loop, like what we use in crochet.

Before I left to ride home, DomesticShorthair arrived!  She brought a really interesting cabled scarf, which she proceeded to frog then cast back on and by the the time I left, she had about 2 inches.
I'm sorry I didn't get the name of the pattern, as it is these really cool intertwining cables that will look like the bark of a tree.

shaping the planet from a bike

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