Tuesday, June 4, 2013



I've been spending time with my brother's kids, but also with my sister's grandkids.   She has 3 grandsons.  They call her "Noni, " which is Italian for Grandma.

As my own kids get older, I have started thinking about being a Grandma.  Of course, babies are on my mind lately, with 3 of the Eastside Stitchers pregnant.  One of the things, totally important of course, is what will my grandkids call me?

My own grandparents were Grandma and Grandpa, and Noni and Boss.  It was really nice having such different names for them, there was never any confusion.  My kids call their grandparents Nana and Grandpa (my parents), and Grandma and Poppop (my in-laws).  Again, never any confusion because the names were all different.

So, what will I use?  My sister has taken Noni.  My mom is still going strong, so there can't be two Nana's either.  When the boys' ballet teacher's first granddaughter was born, she decided to use the name, Tutu.  She told me that it means "Grandma" in Hawaiian.  The teacher, D-Had, was an amazing dancer and IS an amazing dance teacher, and Tutu is a perfect name for her.  I immediately started torturing my kids by telling them that I was going to use Tutu, also.  I am not Hawaiian, I have never been to Hawaii, I was not an amazing dancer.  Tutu.  It sounds perfect for me.

The thought of that name seems to drive my kids crazy.  I love it!  So, when I met my new great-grandnephews, I told them to call me Tutu. 

"Come show Tutu your toy."

"Come show Tutu your artwork."

"Come read a book with Tutu."

I texted my kids and told them, "I'm teaching Shane to call me Tutu."

Moogie texted back, "That is disgusting."  ha ha ha ha

The three year old, Shane, picked up the name quickly.  He began calling me Tutu almost immediately.  "Tutu," he said, "May I have some grapes?" 


"Tutu!  May I have some grapes?"

Honestly, it took me a few minutes to realized he was talking to me.  I had forgotten that I am Tutu.

Noni and Shane

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