Friday, June 21, 2013

Fiber Friday with a Balloon

There was a lot of bird chatter from an angry or worried Dark-eyed Junco in the backyard today.  I looked out on the deck and saw my two cats sitting patiently on the deck railing watching ... something ... very intently.  I am not sure if the Junco has a nest in our Redwood, or what, but he/she spent a lot of time scolding my two fluffy girls.

We had a late start for Fiber Friday, and I did not get to see the Tatting Guy.

But, we had a fuller table than usual.  Our Friday group is growing.

BlueBerryMary brought her finished baby dress.
She has to knit one more side to the border for the matching baby blanket.  Amazingly cute.

Winterpromise31 has finished her Welldigger hat, and brought it for Show and Tell.
This is such a neat pattern.  I love the texture that the slipped stitches give the fabric.

She started a new hat, the Learn to Knit Baby Hat, with some rainbow colored yarn.  Winterpromise31 is
knitting up her stash with these really cute hat projects.

At the center of Crossroads is a large skylight.  When kids lose their helium balloons, they float to the top of this central skylight.  While we were knitting, a balloon suddenly descended, and joined us at the table.
It didn't bother Colleen, who is now on the last colored row of the Spiderman blanket.
CathieC was both working on her latest Potato Chip Scarf, and starting a pair of Yeti Slippers from the latest Knit Picks yarn catalog.
Skeinherder is way ahead of me on the Stage 3 Socks for Le Tour-de-Sock, the Lebowski, by Star Athena.

Bethanyr, one of the two new members from Wednesday night, joined us.  She brought her Racing Raindrops scarf by Churchmouse Yarn & Teas.  Many of the Eastside Stitchers bought the yarn and beads to go with this free pattern during the 2013 North Puget Sound LYS Tour.  We all need to wear them on the same night.

I worked on a few unmentionable items, then began MY Stage 3 Lebowski socks.

shaping the planet with a rogue balloon, and a Junco.

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