Friday, June 21, 2013

small things

Why do cats hate being dressed up?

1. My son, Himes, has two jobs this summer.  One is life guarding.  The other is in the deli counter at a local grocery store.  He had orientation and training for the grocery job this week. He dressed in a white dress shirt and black slacks.  I asked what shoes he was going to wear, as I know he only owns tennis shoes/sneakers.  He said he has to wear black shoes, but since he doesn't own any, he was going to borrow Pookie's prom shoes. Pookie bought them at the Discount Shoe store the day of prom, as he usually wears tennis shoes/sneakers, too.  Himes was searching all over the house, but could only find one of Pookie's shoes.  My kids always do this.  They wait until the last minute, then can't find important things.  Himes asked me, what time does the shoe store open?  Well, as he had to be at work by 9 am, I told him on Saturday, not before 10 am , usually.  What was he going to do?  He had to wear his dad's black shoes.  The Doc wears a men's size 9. Himes wears a men's size 12.
Pookie's shoe L, Doc's shoe R

He hobbled off to work, a very sad (and pained) boy.  Hopefully, he learned a lesson.

2. Pookie graduated from high school on Tuesday.  They held the graduation ceremony at University of Washington basketball arena, I forget the name.  We decided to stop at Dick's for hamburgers before the ceremony.  Pookie told his siblings that Dick's was giving free cheeseburgers to all graduating seniors who came to the restaurant wearing their cap and gown.  Himes and Moogie found their old caps and gowns and spent the afternoon pretending to be graduating high school students.

In the end, only Pookie wore the cap and gown.

3. When I was first married, I loved the job of washing clothes.  Silly and romantic, but I loved thinking of our clothes twirling together in the washer and then in the dryer.  My older sister, who was in a bad spot with her husband that year, told me to make the Doc do his own laundry, that he was a grown man, and I shouldn't have to wash his clothes.  Of course this was true.  But it is in these small things, these little services we do cheerfully for each other, that we show  our love.  When I was at my brother's earlier this month, I had to do many small things:  put his glasses on, turn up/down the TV sound, bring him a glass of water, put his breathing mask on.  He kept apologizing for having to ask for help for every little thing.  There is nothing I can do to cure him.  He continues to deteriorate day by day.  But, I can do small things to make his life bearable.  The small things are my gift.
My brother with his daughter at her school awards ceremony.  She won the Science Award.
4. Today I watched four eagles flying over our house.  I couldn't get all four in one photo. But I have a photo of three, and another of an angry crow trying to chase the eagles away from its nest.

shaping the planet with eagles.

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