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No photos in this post.  I was going to put up a nice shot of my Stage 2 socks from Le Tour de Sock, Chicane Socks by Debbie O'Neill.  But I had a photo fail and didn't realize that the card wasn't in my camera this afternoon when I took the photo.  I have finished the colorwork section and am on to the cable pattern.  I will take and post a photo tomorrow.

But the bicycle part of Tour de Sock (you know... that OTHER Tour that is coming up in France), has made me think about biking in general.   My daughter, Moogie, participated in Portland's World Naked Bike Ride last weekend.

She got a bike for Christmas, and brought that bike to college in Portland.  Portland is much flatter than Bellevue (or Seattle), so is quite a bit easier to navigate on a bike.  Also, they have very strict rules supporting bikers (10 feet distance rule for cars, etc.).  Moogie has really enjoyed exploring the city on her bike.

I don't know how she got the idea to participate in the Naked Bike Ride, but she did.  When I was down in California last week, I got a text from her telling me that she was going to do the ride.  This caused much joking in the family, as we discussed the problems and benefits of riding a bike naked.

My advice was to use lots of sunscreen.

The ride begins at 10 pm, she told me.

Everyone worried about... chafing.

Also, did she wear a helmet?  I hope so.

She said that not everyone rode bikes, but some people participated on scooters, skateboards, on in-line skates, and even unicycles.

She saw a skater take a nasty fall in the street.  OUCH!  Was he wearing kneepads and wrist guards?

Pookie was very concerned about the chafing.  It just didn't seem like a good idea for a guy to ride a bike naked.  He thought it would be  very uncomfortable.  He told me that if he did the naked bike ride, he would probably wear boxers, to help with the chafing.  I said that for a guy, wearing underwear kind of defeated the whole NAKED thing.

My family down in So. Cal. seemed concerned about Moogie's boobs.  I am not kidding.  Both my Mom and my Sister said something like, "But her boobs are so big... Won't that be a problem on a bike?" 

Moogie said the experience was really fun.  She rode with 2 of her roomates.  They all wore scarves around their waists, and nothing else (except shoes and helmets).  After the 7 mile ride, the participants had an impromptu dance party... still naked.  The dancing was the best part, she said. 

I told her that the Annual Fremont Solstice Parade was going to be this  weekend, on June 22nd.  There is always a naked bikers part of the parade. I suggested we ride together.

Moogie was not amused.

shaping the world with my clothes on.

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