Monday, June 24, 2013

Too tired to think of a title


I hardly got any stitching finished today.  I spent most of the day on the computer making flight reservations and then hotel reservations for a trip down to So. California for a big family reunion.  It seems that this type of thing should be way easier.

I have decided that there is no way I am going to finish this stage (stage 3, Lebowski socks) on time.  This realization has freed me to get back to work on some projects that have deadlines.  I will try to finish the one sock I have on the needles, and possibly cast on the second.  I like the pattern, and tonight at Eastside Knitters Guild meeting I saw Skeinherder's sock, and it was beautiful.  It encouraged me to Keep On Knitting.  I checked the Tour-de-Sock group page, and the material list for Stage 4 has been released.  It will be a heavily beaded sock, using... 500 ... beads.  I will still be in So. Calif when this stage starts, so I need to decide my yarn, buy my beads, and wind the yarn before I leave.  No last minute decisions for these socks.  I am already excited.  I really enjoy beading.

I wanted to show the project bag I sewed for my latest Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup Gryffindor swap.  The theme of the swap was Bags/markers.  You could make stitch markers and/or a project bag for your swap target.

I made a Grab Bag.  This is a very clever design.  Some of the other people in my stitch group have made it, and I really liked theirs.  I added some pockets inside.  You have fabric left over after cutting the pattern out, and that fabric makes a great pocket.

The pattern is free, and the explanations of how to sew it are pretty clear.  I did have a few minutes of panic when I realized I had pinned the top closed, and if I sewed it that way, the bag would not have an opening.  But I caught myself before I sewed, and everything worked out.

Here is my whole swap package:

I made the project bag and the stitch markers.

And because I want my target to like the package, I threw in some really pretty fingering weight yarn and a screw top stitch marker bowl.

shaping the planet with hand crafted stitch markers.

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