Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fiber Friday

f1bercat, I hear you thinking, how can you  be writing a post about a Fiber Friday when you are down in So. Calif. for a family reuinion?

Well, the talented CathyC took photos for me at Crossroads this Friday.  We also had 3 new Eastside Stitchers show up to enjoy some social knitting on a Friday morning.

First, CathyC is hard at work on her Yeti Shoes.
And, Skeinherder has made great progress on the second Lebowski Sock for Le Tour-de-Sock Stage 3.

Winterpromise31 has finished the ribbing on her new hat.  Sorry, I'm not sure who is the designer.  But, you can see the beginning of an interesting pattern developing.
TeaHouseKnits brought a beautiful Dream Stripes shawl by Cailliau Beranger.
Constance, who we know from Eastside Knitting Guild, is knitting a Maidenhair Shawl. Her lace isn't even blocked yet, but you can see how open and delicate it is already.
mgregory has begun a Market Shawl.

And VanesaPolo is almost finished with her second Owlie Sweater.
Thank you so much, CathieC for taking over the reporting duties.  I am having a wonderful time with my family, but, I miss my stitch buddies.

Hope you aren't melting in the uncharacteristically humid weather.

shaping the planet with a quick headband.

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