Monday, June 3, 2013



Here are two complete repeats of The Secret Fan for Tour de Sock 2013.

I haven't gotten much farther than this, ok, I did not knit on these at all today as I worked on a secret project instead (shhhhhhhhhhhhhh)  But I am a bit ahead on the secret project, now, so I hope to crank a bit on these socks tomorrow.

I like the fan pattern.  Not so sure I like the beads, but they are ok.  The rule for the competition is that there must be one repeat of the bead pattern (you substitute it for the plain fan pattern).  It can be on only one sock.  You can do more beads if you want, but for the competition, one is enough.  I plan to do one more bead repeat but on the 2nd sock.  So my socks will look different, with one having the beads on the second repeat, and the other sock having the beads on the third repeat. 

My mom and dad stopped by my brother's house this afternoon, to visit and see how we were all doing.  They live just a few miles away.  My dad drives my niece to school every morning, and loves attending all of the kids' events.  My mom stops in almost every afternoon to check on my brother, and often to help out around the house with the housework. 

My mom is a wonderful crocheter.  She taught me when I was quite young.  She had stopped for a long time, because arthritis was making it difficult for her.  But, when she saw some of the things that I was making, she decided to try it again.  Wow, she is hooking up a storm.  She has rediscovered doilies, and is having fun making lace.  We had a nice chat about doily patterns, then she saw my Tour de Sock socks.  She was so funny.  "Why is there a pattern on only one sock?"  The pattern is on both socks, I told her, it's just that the beads are on only one so far, the socks will be asymmetrical. "Why would you put beads on socks?" she asked.  Why not?  I said.  She looked so confused.  "Won't they rub?"  LOL!  "How will you wash them?"  The same way I wash all hand knit socks....


shaping the world with two repeats.

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