Friday, June 14, 2013

Fiber Friday


 First of all, Skeinherder texted me at 6:30 am to ask if I was ready to head out to Crossroads to knit.  I am not kidding.  Then she texted me again at 7 am to say, "stop knitting and come knit!"  This is our way of greeting each other on knitting days. 

There is just about nothing better than waking up knowing you are getting together with your Stitch Buds. 

As I was heading out,  I saw our resident bald eagle flying quite close to the house, and he/she had something in her grip!  the thing was wiggling and I could see the motion, then it dropped and fell to the lake.  I ran for my camera, but just managed to get a fuzzy photo of the eagle.  So I got in the car to drive up to Crossroads, and as I crested one of the hills, I saw 3 eagles together above the lake.  In the later summer, we often see the eagle pair with a young eagle flying as a family.  It seemed a bit early for this.  I'm not sure if last year's baby had trouble finding a job so stayed in the nest an extra year, or if they had their baby early.

At Crossroads, since there were no preggos in attendance, we were able to at least talk about baby items, though Skeinherder and I mainly worked on our Tour de Sock, Stage 2 socks.  Well, Skeinherder knit hers, I mainly knit/ripped/knit/ripped/knit/ripped.  By the time I left, I had one row less than when I started.  I don't know what was causing the problem, but I kept ending up with a weird stitch count on the cable pattern.  Finally, when I got home, I separated the socks onto 2 circular needles, and am now knitting them individually.

Here is what mine looked like before I split them into 2:
Skeinherder is much farther on her Chicane Socks (Stage 2 for Tour de Sock):
My son, Pookie, came to Crossroads for lunch and after seeing our sock progress, or lack thereof, he told me that I am just drafting in Skeinherder's air stream.  I need to get going.

But, I was having a lot of fun chatting with the other knitters at the table. 
 CathieC wore her Frakenhat that she was weaving in ends two weeks ago.
Wireknitter wore her beautiful colorwork shawl, Flying Scotsman.
she was working on another beautiful shawl by Susan Ashcroft, TGV (High Speed Knitting).

Winterpromise31 has made huge progress on her hat, Welldigger, by Polly Hammond.
When I last saw Winterpromise31, two weeks ago, she was just casting on for this hat.  Today, she bought some double pointed needles to begin the crown decreases.

Shhhh!  Colleen was working on something secret.  She said I could show the yarn, but that is all.
CathieC and I were showing off our matching project bags that we won on the 2013 North Puget Sound LYS Tour.

I almost forgot to say that "Tatting Guy"  (obviously I don't know his name, but he is this guy who is often at Crossroads on Friday mornings who tats) was there.  He usually leaves about 9 am, so Skeinherder and I are usually the only ones who get to see his work.
Tomorrow, we are celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day with a visit to Acorn Street Yarn, lunch out (with knitting!) and a stop at the Pacific Fabric's Warehouse in the Sodo Neighborhood. 

Yay, I get to wake up to another day spent with stitch buddies.

shaping the planet with tatting photos

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