Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stage 2 Begins


I'm back home again, and getting into the regular craziness of my life.  My job, tutoring at our local college should be on hold for finals and the quarter's end, but I am picking up some extra hours in the Math Lab.  Then I should have a week off to knit and craft like the wind.  I can really use some extra time, as I am trying to make some progress on some secret projects, finish up an afghan for my Godson/nephew and his bride, AND knit socks for Le Tour de Sock.

Busy busy busy.

Here are the finished socks from Stage 1 of Le Tour de Sock:
The pattern is The Secret Fan by Adrienne Fong and I used up some stash yarn, my Spud and Chloe that I bought last year on the 2012 North Puget Sound LYS Tour.  I used this yarn during Sock Madness for the Flying Dutchman Socks.
I am using the tiny bit left on Stage 2 of Le Tour de Sock, also.  That pattern has a bit of colorwork, and You need a contrast color.  I am using the purple and pink that are in the socks above.

I finished stage 1 on time (we had 10 days), and enjoyed chatting with and cheering on my team:  Teanacious.  Get it?  TEA nacious?  my great buddy from Eastside Stitchers, Skeinherder, is one of the leaders of our "team."  We drink tea and knit socks.  

Anyway, for Stage 2, we started with plain 2 x 2 cuffs, the we have to switch to larger needles, and some colorwork.  Here are my socks with the cuffs finished:

I am half way finished with the colorwork section on the first sock.  I split them up when I started the first chart.  After the colorwork section, I hope to knit them back together onto a single circular needle.

That's all for now.
shaping the planet with cuffs.

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