Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sock Madness Round 3 Day 2


Sock Madness Round 3 started yesterday while I was at Vogue Knitting Live, Bellevue.  By the time I got home, and checked the Ravelry threads, I was already 7 hours behind.

The sock pattern, Greenhouse Socks by Anita Grahn, is a simple (so far) lace and rib pattern.  The toe is weird (from what I hear, I am not that far), but everything else is straightforward otherwise.

I cast on some really pretty turquoise Cascade Heritage Sock that I had in my stash.  It was left over from some socks I knit last year.

There are 4 possible sizes, and for Sock Madness, we have to knit Small at the least.  I was worried that Small might not fit my feet, so instead of casting on 68 stitches for each sock for Small, I decided to cast on the 76 stitches for each medium sock.  I knit the cuffs, I am knitting these 2 at a time, then decided that I was crazy to be knitting 76 stitches when I was 7 hours behind and everyone else would be knitting 68 stitches.  So I frogged them, and started over with 68 stitches and size Small.  This time I cast on Red yarn (because Solid Socks is doing a red challenge, and why not get a twofer for these).

Sorry but the red photos will all be horrible. Red just doesn't photograph well.  Anyway, I knit the cuffs, then went to bed.

This morning, I was knitting again by 6:47.  At 8:30, I took a short break to walk up to the top of our hill, and eat a bit of breakfast.

 I decided that even if I got cut, I was going to make myself take some breaks to stay healthy.  The walking was perfect.  It's not very far, not even 1/4 mile, but the hill is steep, so it's a nice walk.

At 11:30 I took another break to walk up the hill, and eat a bit of lunch.

I stopped at 4:30 pm to make dinner.

Then at 8:15 pm, I was ready to start the heel flaps.
Only I wasn't.  The legs of the pattern are given in a nice chart.  You knit the chart from row 1 - 42, then repeat from row 27 - 42 as many times as you want for the length of leg you want.  For Sock Madness, we have to make 1 of the repeats.  Or so I thought.  I did the entire chart, then went back to row 27, and knit back up to row 42.  As I was reading the directions for the heel flaps, I saw that I was supposed to stop the chart at row 34.  Rather than rip back, I decided to knit the repeat again, this time stopping at row 34.

So I am way behind because I started late, frogged my first attempt, and now I am making the legs unnecessarily long.  UGH!

I had hoped to knit both heels tonight, but I only got about 3/4 of one heel flap knit.  I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.  Someone in my group has already finished.  Wow!  crazy fast knitting.

Good night for now.  I'm super tired.
shaping the world with sock legs, and an ENORMOUS Honey Crisp Apple.
The apple on the left is a pink lady, and the one on the right is an opal.  I added them for sizing comparisons.

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