Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fiber Friday Fun


Today, Skeinherder filled up her Hulk of a thermos with tea, and we met at Crossroads for some morning knitting. 

This will be a quick post, as I am tired.  I've been hooking squares for the 2013 BAMCAL Group on Ravelry.  Last month was so crazy that I wasn't able to do any of the 3 squares, and I need to get this month's squares finished before the next pattern drops in Sock Madness.

We had a really nice group.  I can't express how much fun it is to hang out with my Eastside Stitcher buddies and just stitch together.  We mostly discuss fiber, patterns, and techniques, as these things are infinitely interesting.  It is nice to be with people who understand and share this consuming interest.

CathieC brought some of the goodies she had bought at Vogue Knitting live.  She had some blingy yarns, some that were more practical, and some really pretty projects/patterns.  Her stash is growing as is her Potato Chip Scarf. (of which I have no photo for some reason).

VanesaPolo was wearing her new tailored jacket.  She sewed it in the Lake Washington Technical College's sewing lab.  It fit perfectly and was really beautiful.  (again no photo....)

I did manage to take some photos of what Wireknitter brought to show and tell.  She brought the sample/swatches showing the joins she learned at Vogue Knitting Live.

Wireknitter also brought the beautiful Estonian Lace sample she learned to knit at Vogue Knitting Live.
GwenS was working on a baby jacket in Malabrigo
Skeinherder was also knitting in Malabrigo.  But she was knitting a hat.  The amazing thing was that Skeinherder's hat was almost the same size as GwenS's baby jacket!
Allifer was there representing the hooking side of the fiber spectrum.  She was beginning a circular afghan.

That's all for today.   Sorry I waited so late to post that I am falling asleep as I type.  I finished my taxes and cleaned in the kitchen.  I hope to post another bit from Vogue Knitting Live this weekend as I have some really great photos and I want to get stuff done before Sock Madness drops Round 4 Pattern.

shaping the world with fiber friends.

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