Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easy Night at Eastside Stitchers


There are times when I would swear that my little neighborhood has it's own micro-climate.  For instance, we were out of milk yesterday, and since I seem to be the only member of my household who is capable of driving to the store to pick some up, I went grocery shopping first thing this morning.  When I left there was a bit of cloud across the lake.  When I returned, driving down the steep hill that is Northup Ave, I saw that my  neighborhood was in a bit of fog.  There were no signs of fog at the grocery store.  By 10 am, the day looked cloudy.  By 1 pm, it was mostly sunny.

I think it is a bit cloudy right now, and I am sure that our wonderful sunshine of the last week, will disappear when our Vogue Knitting Live Guests appear tomorrow.  Oh, well.

We had a somewhat smaller group at Eastside Stitchers tonight.  It is interesting to me that "small" for our group now means 7 people.  When I first joined this group a bit over a year ago, 7 people was more than usual.  Anyway, we are missing our Redbird1, who has left for the other East side, and is now the Founding Member of the East Coast chapter of Eastside Stitchers.  We all agreed tonight that we will be feeling Redbird1's loss for quite a while.

Our newly announced pregnant members were also not there.  Something about being really really tired...  Ah yes, the good ol' days.  We also had a bit of flu (or something nasty) hit our group, which kept a few more of our regulars. 

But people did show up, and bring their projects.

Anerenbe had to leave early, and I was not able to photograph her project.  It was wonderful to see her. 

Skeinherder finished her Sidetracked Cable  Fingerless Mitts by Kelene Kinnersly. These are yet another one of her Malabrigo March projects.
Vanesapolo brought a new needle case that she had sewn to show and tell.
She used scrap fabric, or sewed it from her fabric stash.  I want to make something similar.

She is working on her hat design, in Yak yarn, and is at the decreases.  We got to hear a bit of knitting math as she decided what would be the best way to do the decreases.
Colleen is knitting her first sweater.  She is making a raglan sleeve sweater from the pattern, Raglan Baby Sweater by Joanne Hinmon.

CathiC has made real progress on her Potato Chip Scarf.  You can definitely see the curl.

And Tara1682 has started a new scarf.  The pattern is Cobble by Kitman Figueroa and the yarn is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in the "Arroyo" colorway.

We spent some time discussing the different school systems between the USA and Europe.  Then talked about crossing borders and going through customs.  Also, just a bit of the wanderlust and enjoyment of travel that many of our members share. 

I will not be at Fiber Friday this Friday as I am volunteering at Vogue Knitting Live.  There is some discussion about whether or not everyone else will still meet up, so if you are thinking of joining our Friday group, please check the threads to be sure people are coming.  We love to meet new people.

Hope to see you at Vogue Knitting Live.
shaping the planet with a big Redbird1 size hole in my heart.

Redbird1's Zuzu's Petals

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