Sunday, April 14, 2013

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Negative Space
We had these threatening clouds today, but relatively warm weather, and then finally some rain in the afternoon.  It was freezing yesterday, and we had hail.  I kept checking the sky and noticed that rather than the clouds forming shapes, it was the sky between the clouds that made the star:
Sky Star

Bad Parents
Tonight, we went to see Jurassic Park in 3-D.

When my kids were young, they loved dinosaurs.  I'm sure many many parents can say this.  There is something about dinosaurs that is just so much fun.  When we lived in Boston, we had memberships at all of the best museums including the Science Museum, and went almost every week.  They had great dinosaur toys in the gift shop that were supposed to be very realistic, and in proportion to each other.  The brachiosaurus was huge and really heavy.  My kids loved these dinosaurs. 

When the movie, Jurassic Park, came out, the kids were too young, but they knew about it and really wanted to see it.  Being good parents, we did not take them (ages 0, 1, 3 and 5) to the movies to be scared by those dinosaurs.  Their uncles bought them Jurassic Park toys, and I remember one Tyrannosaurus Rex that was especially fun because it was made with soft plastic so you could move the jaws and make it bite.

We waited impatiently for the video to be released, then, again being good parents, we watched the movie during the day, at Nana and Grandpa's house, surrounded by cousins and aunts and uncles, to keep it as light as possible.  I was mostly worried about my 4th child, Himes, who was a dinosaur maniac, but was only 2 at the time.  Was he too young to watch this movie?  He sat on my lap, and never looked away or seemed scared.  I remember when the movie ended, and the TV was turned off, asking him, a bit nervously, "Did you like the movie?"

His response was simply, "ROAR!!!!"

The next time I saw him playing with that T-Rex, he was using it to bite his sisters' Barbie dolls.

Gryffindor Swap
The last swap for the Winter 2013 term was flower themed.  I made a project bag for my partner, but never got a photo of it.  She posted a photo in the House thread, and gave me permission to use her photo in this blog.  This is the Bucket Bag from the Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam.  I wanted to make a single project bag, so I reduced the pattern to 75%.
Sock Madness Round 3
I wanted to post a photo of the interesting sole design for the Greenhouse Socks pattern by AnitaYarn
Much more work than a simple stockinette sole,  but it does fit really well.

Braveheart Socks
I wanted to show the progress on my Braveheart Socks that I am designing (and knitting) for the Doc.  I have finished the heel, and am about half-way through the gusset decreases.  I frogged the heel turns about 3 times until I had them the way I wanted.  I am making these toe up, with a sole flap, and a circular heel.  I have 2 pair of socks, one is the Unseemly socks that I designed last December, with this structure, and I like the way they fit.  However, their heels are plain, and I wanted to do a sl1 k1 heel for better wear.  I like the way it is coming out, except... I discovered that I slipped two rows in a row, rather than alternating with a straight knit row.  It made a funny line in the middle of the heel.  I really don't want to frog again.  I don't think it looks too bad.
Another thing I like about this sock structure is the gussets.  It makes it really easy to have a pattern on the gusset.
I like making the flap, turning the heel, then picking up the stitches on the sole flap, rather than increasing a gusset before turning the heel which does not require picking up stitches. Even though picking up stitches from the sole flap can be a pain, it makes a stronger division between the sole and the gusset, like a seam, and makes the sock fit more firmly.

Afghan Squares
What am I doing between Sock Madness Rounds? 

Finished the taxes.
Tidied the house (including lots of laundry).
Worked on more socks, specifically the Braveheart Socks.
Crocheted more afghan squares for the 'ghan I am making for my nephew and his bride's first wedding anniversary.

So far I have finished the Princess - 12" Square by Melinda Miller,

and the 6 in. Forever Lace Square by Donna Kay Lacey.

Hope you had a great weekend.  I'm trying to finish more squares, more on the Braveheart Socks, and another project bag before the next Round begins.

shaping the world with new squares.
Sleeping in what sun she can find

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