Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fiber with Potato Chips and Zombies


A quick post without a lot of links as I was not taking notes this morning, but rather knitting the cuffs on the Braveheart socks.  The new pattern has been emailed for Round 4 of Sock Madness, and I want to use the needles that the Braveheart socks are on for the Sock Madness Socks, which are called "Rosewater," by Heatherly Walker of YarnYenta Designs.

Allifer was working on a star shaped blanket.
Skeinherder had a few projects.  She was mostly weaving in ends.  She brought her There and Back Again socks,
a hat, she is calling Zombie Boob,
and a few random blanket squares.
CathyC was knitting and tinking and knitting and frogging and reknitting her potato chip scarf.  I think she had some success by the end though at straightening it all out. 

Knitting group can be distracting when you are working on a project that requires counting.

Colleen was working on her first baby sweater.  She has successfully knit the back and right side, and was figuring out the directions to mirror the decreases on the left side.

We were joined by a new knitter, Mary.  She is knitting a baby blanket.
That's all for today.

Tomorrow is the Sheep Shearing at Kelsey Creek Park.  I hope to be there with Wajio for most of the day.  I might be spinning with my drop spindle, or working on the newest SM pattern.  Or, both!

shaping the planet one with fiber friends.

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