Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Eastsides Stitchers, Tonight and One Week Late


Don't judge me.  I'm knitting as fast as I can, but, with my full time job, I am really struggling to keep up with the Advent Calendar Scarf 2014.  This means that I come home from work every night around 5:30, and knit until I fall asleep (often sitting on the couch with needles in my hands).  I stumble off to bed, sometimes as late as 2 am, get up by 6:30 and head off to work.  If I'm lucky, I can knit a bit at lunch or during Work Completion Zone, but usually, I start knitting again after I get home.  I am barely keeping up.  If I have trouble with a pattern, or make a stupid mistake or two which mean ripping back, I fall behind.  I was able to use last weekend to get back on track, thank goodness.  Anyway, this is a long excuse for why I am not posting every night.  I am simply too tired to even think of something to write.

Last week, after the regular Wednesday meet up for the Eastside Stitchers, I thought I would finish up my day's pattern, them post for both the day and the meet up, then I was so tired I did neither.  So it is Wednesday AGAIN, and I need to post about another Wednesday meet up.  Ok, I am going to try to post about both meet-ups in this one post.  It will be a miracle if I remember who was knitting what last week... I am counting on anyone who was here to pm me and let me know what I got wrong so I can fix it.

Also, some of the photos are horrible (sorry Julie and Jennifer). 
JulieMustKnit is making a reversible cowl. 

And I finally got a photo of Jennifer's first scarf, but I took it without a flash, and it is a horrible photo.
We need her to come to Wednesday knitting again so I can get a better picture.

CathieC has started her afghan project.
GwenS was knitting a hat.  At least I'm pretty sure this was Gwen's hat.
After almost a year absence, Amigirl returned to Wednesday night knitting.  She brought her beautiful Sprucey Lucy Socks.
She came again tonight and look!!
she is knitting the ribbing at the top.  She will have been knitting these socks for two years next week.  Can she finish before the 2 year anniversary?  I can say that they are well worth the wait.

NightOrchid brought a hat she was designing.  She brought the finished hat tonight to Show and Tell.
She brought the finished puppet mittens last week to Show and Tell.

And this week she brought a pair of socks she is knitting 2-at-a-time on double pointed needles.
ReadnitDream brought a pair of fingerless mits.  Last week:
and this week:
BlueWolfWalking brought a lace cowl.
This week she started a hat.  She is using some wool yarn from a friend's sheep.
Last week Wajio brought her finished lace cowl to Show and Tell:

and some faux fair isle socks to knit.

This week Wajio brought some netting to knit into a "Scrubby."
The only other photo I have from last week is this hat:
Whose is it?

BlueBerryMary brought a beautiful sweater for her Great Grand Niece.
She sewed the underarms tonight, even though Kitchener Stitch is not the best social knitting technique.  Just look at the smocking:
Chockelet joined us tonight with her Advent Calendar Scarf 2014.
She has started the Day 11 pattern already.
And, Domesticshorthair brought her Concentric shawl.
wow, I think that is everyone!

shaping the planet with Eastside Stitchers.

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