Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent Calendar Scarf 2014, Day 1


It's back!  The Advent Calendar Scarf 2014 by Kristin Benecken. 

This is the madness that comes with 24 different lace patterns each released one day at a time from December 1 through December 24th leading up to Christmas.  I am using Sockulent by Little Knits in Lightest Peapod Green.  This is a light fingering weight yarn, so I am knitting with size 0 needles (as I tend to knit loosely.  I got some clear beads at Jo-Ann's Fabric for the spacer rows.

The Patterns this year are going to be "Best Of" patterns from the previous 4 years of patterns, so I don't think I am not sure I will do tutorials.  Interesting things in this Day 1 pattern are:

1. The double decrease is not a centered one.  To have a centered double decrease you slip 2 stitches at the same time as if to knit, knit the next stitch, then pass the two slipped stitches back over  (sl2, k1, psso).  This makes a very definite ridge line right up the center.  Today's pattern does not have this ridge line, but a more broken, less definite line.

2.  Kristin does not use ssk for her left leaning decreases.  Instead, she just has you k2tog through the back loop.  This is faster than doing the ssk, and, while I can see a slight difference, I'm not sure it is that noticeable.  I might use this decrease more often.

Here is a close-up of the pattern:
I'm also going to post a photo of the yarn because these photos have horrible lighting, and my yarn looks really ugly.

Can I keep up this year?  I really don't know.  I am going to try, but it will be a challenge since I will have to knit only at home after work.  I am telling myself to not freak out if I fall behind (but of course I will.)

shaping the planet in a countdown to Advent.

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