Saturday, December 13, 2014

Advent Calendar Scarf 2014, Day 12


This is the Day 12 Pattern for the Advent Calendar Scarf 2014 by Kristin Benecken.  This was another complicated pattern.

None of the stitches was too difficult, thought there is a 5 from one, and a centered double decrease.  But, the pattern is knit on the right and wrong sides, so you can't just relax and purl back.  Also, it isn't symmetrical within each repeat, so I had to look at the pattern carefully the whole time.

I am not really sure what I think about this pattern.  The little motifs look a bit like candle flames.  Or, perhaps they are leaf buds on stems. 

Anyway, I want to see what this one looks like after blocking.  That should open up the lace, and make the pattern more visible.

shaping the planet with Day 12.

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