Friday, May 30, 2014

Progress on Tonight and an English Quiz


The progress on Round 5 for Sock Madness is very slow.  Of course, I haven't been able to knit on them very much.  I've been working quite a lot, and since it is the end of the month, I need to finish up some projects for the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup.

I hope to work monogamously on the socks over the weekend, or at least with as little cheating to other projects as possible.

Here is a photo showing the outside and the inside.
One of the cool things about double knitting is that it is reversible.  Of course, if I turned the cuffs down, the house would be up side down. 

English Quiz

What is the difference between these two sentences (and I am not talking about the comma, but about the implied meanings):

1. My sister who lives in Wisconsin has a new job.
2. My sister, who lives in Wisconsin, has a new job.

shaping the planet with reversible socks.

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