Monday, May 12, 2014

The Thing About These Socks... (Ironically)


The thing about the Round 4 Socks for Sock Madness is that they are just so fiddly.

The pattern is Shakertown Fences by Lorain Pettit.  You start with the cable section knitting flat,
join the cable in the round, and pick up stitches to knit up the leg.  Fiddly. but I do like the cable.

The leg pattern is a simple k4 p4 ribbing, but you alternate colors, so that is fairly fiddly, too. And, although I knit the legs with size 2 (2.75 mm) needles rather than my usual size 0 (2 mm), they just did not grow!  I felt like I was knitting forever.

Then you have to bind off the tops in a special way, which is supposed to make the tops look like fence posts, but took forever. Super fiddly. I started binding off last night, but just got too tired.
I had to work today, but luckily, I had a 45 min lunch break, so I was able to get the fence posts all bound off.  I finished the heel flaps and one of the turns tonight, so will try to post a photo tomorrow. 

I brought a second pair of socks to the school where I was subbing today, because I knew I would need a break from these after binding off.

I am working on a pair of socks for the Doc.  I usually try to make him 2 pair every year, but this year I haven't made him any.  I bought that gorgeous YOTH Sock yarn (Little Brother) at the Eastside Knitters Guild Meeting, and knew I had to use it for Doc's socks.

I worked out a pattern when I was making my brother some socks this winter, but for his socks I used worsted weight yarn so they would be really warm.  I'm taking that pattern, and rewriting it for sock yarn.
I love love love these socks.  The yarn is lovely and amazingly soft.  Although I am using a size 0 needle (I like my sock fabric dense and I am a loose knitter), they are moving right along.  I am almost to the heel flaps, and that is saying something because the Doc like 8 in. legs.

I worked on these in between the four French classes that I taught today.  Kids are so funny.  The first thing I do in a class is call roll.  Of course, most of the kids say, "Here," but there are always a few kids who have to say something different.

Today, one boy answered, "Swag."

What?? I stopped and asked him to repeat it.  "Swag."  Yes, I had heard it correctly.

Another student explained, "He is a hipster, and that is the cool way to say, 'here.'"

Kids.  I had to ask if he was saying it ironically.  Crickets.  No one seemed to get that joke so I went on with the roll.  Now that one student had gotten some notice for saying, "Swag," two more students, also wanting to be hip, I guess, answered with "Swag."

I told the first boy, "I guess you can't use that word any more since it has now become popular."

Crickets again.  No one got my ironic humor.

shaping the planet with unironic socks.

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