Thursday, May 15, 2014

2014 North Sound LYS Crawl, Day 1


Once again I am attempting to visit all 25 shops on the 2014 North Puget Sound LYS Tour.

I will be doing my main crawling Friday, Saturday and Sunday with various Eastside Stitchers, mostly JulieMustKnit who is going to do the entire crawl as well.  Tomorrow, the Fiber Friday group of Eastside Stitchers will hit the North Seattle Shops including: Great Yarns, Country Yarns, Mad Cow Yarns, Quintessential Knits, and Tolt Yarn and Wool. 

After we split up so some of us can pick up school kids, we will continue on to the South Seattle shops most likely: Makers Merchantile and The Knittery.

THEN, we will pick up GwenS and the adorable Addie, and hit as many of the Mid-Seattle Shops as we are comfortable visiting.  The shops are staying open until 8 pm on Friday and Saturday, this year, so we will see how many we can hit.

Saturday will be the usual long haul to the far north:  Beach Basket Yarns, Wear On Earth, Apple Yarns, Mrs. Hudson's Yarn and Teas, NW Handspun, Wild Fibers, Ana-Cross Stitch, then over the Deception Pass Bridge and onto Whidbey Island to visit Whidbey Isle Yarns, Gifts and Teas, and Knitty Purls.  Because of the extended Saturday hours, we will then double back up North a bit and hit Pinchknitters Yarns.

Sunday will be for any Seattle shops we missed:  Seattle Yarn, So Much Yarn, and any of the mid shops that we just didn't have energy for on Friday night.  We will then take the ferry to Bainbridge Island and finish the Crawl at Churchmouse Yarn and Teas for the celebratory glass of champaigne.

Wait!  2 shops are missing from the above lists!  This is because JulieMustKnit and I decided to start the crawl separately (we both had to work today)  and hit the first two shops on our own.

Acorn Street Shop
2818 NE 55th St.
Seattle, WA 9105

 This is a gem of a local yarn shop.  As I have said before (and will repeat over and over as I write about the crawl), shops each have their own personality, and reflect the knitting styles and tastes of the owners.  This is not the closest shop to my house, maybe the 2nd or 3rd, but I just love their selection of sock yarns.  And by sock yarns, I mean yarn for knitting socks.  Other shops on the tour will have wonderful selections of fingering weight yarns for making shawls, etc, but Acorn Street always has a good selection of yarn for knitting socks.

They have just a wonderful selection of many different yarns.  I am always surprised when I turn a corner and look at another row of shelves.
The free knitting pattern for the crawl is a lace and cable scarf in Madelintosh which means that the Madeline Tosh yarn for the scarf is on sale!

The only bummer about this shop is that the owner is retiring soon.  The store has been looking for a buyer, and will know by Memorial Day Weekend if this will happen.  If it does not, the inventory will be sold off and the store closed.  It's not like there aren't any shops in Seattle, but this is the one in the U District, and it is really a wonderful neighborhood shop.  Anyone want to buy a Yarn Shop?
There is a very limited amount of off street parking (4 spaces), but you can always find street parking nearby.
The city of Seattle does not allow paper or plastic bags to be given away in shops, so remember to bring a reusable bag to the store.

Serial Knitters Yarn Shop
8427 122nd Ave NE
Kirkland, WA 98033

This is my most local yarn shop.  I love the variety of yarns they carry.  The staff is super friendly, and they really support knitters with questions. 

They love kettle dyed and variegated yarns, and support the work of local dyers.
They have a number of employees who design.  The free knitting pattern for the crawl is a shawl by Annelie Wallbom and is quite lovely.  The featured yarn is Black Trillium Lilt Sock which is from a Pacific Northwest dyer.

They also have a Crochet Hat pattern by Clare Cronkleton that I might make.  I find this shop to be very crochet friendly.

I have so much to write about that is non-crawl but, I need to knit knit knit on my sock madness socks or they will never get finished.

Just some quick photos of my blocked and stiffened Snowflakes:

I love them.

f1bercat shaping the planet while crawling.

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