Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick Post of Ugly Socks

I don't think I even need to discuss these monstrosities. Poor color choices.  The pretty and interesting ankle cable is obscured by the fact that the brown yarn is too dark.  Although the soles are interesting, the alternating colorwork is obscured by how close the two colors often are.  I thought the orange yarn had more orange and less dark brow and olive.  Oh well.  I improved my two handed color knitting quite a bit while knitting the feet.

That is a win.

They fit beautifully.  I'm not sure that is a win.

shaping the planet with fuggly socks.


  1. Your work is lovely, and they will be great at Halloween!

  2. You could always give them a visit to the dye pot? You'll lose the colour difference, but win a pair of toasty warm perfectly fitting socks ;)