Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eastside Stitchers: Babies, Babies, Babies


3 new Eastside Stitchers joined us at the round tables near Half Price Books at Crossroads tonight.  Consequently, we had a full house.

Last week, BlueBerryMary started her first pair of 2-at-a-time socks.  Tonight, she brought the finished legs, and started on the heel flaps.

Pam2 had started another sweater.

Wajio is working on her Summer Flies shawl.  After counting her stitches, she decided that this was not the greatest social knitting project!

Readnitdream is making a sweater for her daughter.  These are the sleeves.  She has already finished the front and back.  She is a fast knitter.

Anerenbe is making the most beautiful wash cloths for her expected baby.

Can you see the owl?  CathieC has finished the second of her owl mitts and is ready to sew on the eyes.

Puzan has started a new cowl.  I checked her Rav projects, but I couldn't find a project page... so for now we will just call it, New Cowl.

JitteryKitter is making her third Tolt Hat.  She bought 3 skeins of yarn in 3 colors to make this hat, and has been able to make 3 hats!

GwenS not only brought the Beautiful Addie, but has started a new sweater for her, Harvest Sweater, by TinCanKnits, in Teal Feather Rios.

Chockelet brought her Age of Brass and Steam.
She is adding beads to the YO rows.  They look perfect with this color of yarn.

shaping the planet with new knitters.

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