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Stitch Tutorial for Window Pane Square by nleon

Stitch Tutorial

This is the Stitch Tutorial for the 2012BAMCAL Group on Ravelry's July 6 in. Square.  This square was designed by Nina Leon  (nleon307.)  Her blog is HookersDontBite   I would like to thank her for putting the instructions for this square up for free, and for allowing me to do this photo tutorial on my blog.  I am always amazed by the generosity of designers.

I will put the original instructions in BLACK.  Any extra explanations, clarifications, or suggestions I make will be in BLUE.

I realize that I changed a lot of the writing of the instructions.  The pattern is nleon's NOT mine.  I just tried to write the tutorial in a way that was more easily understandable to me.  If you have corrections or suggestions please leave a comment or message me in Ravelry, and I will do my best to fix it.

Using an H hook and worsted weight yarn this created a 6 inch square. If you need to make the square slightly larger, add more rows of SC or HDC as border rows.

Notes: You will join each row with a slip stitch and will not turn. Slip stitch to corner or finish off and add new yarn color at the corner at the end of each row. Repeat between () or [] where indicated.

Row 1:
Ch4, Join with Slip Stitch

Row 1

Row 2:
Ch4, (counts as first TC)

15 TC into circle,  

join with slip stitch into top of Ch 4  

finish off. 16TC  
Row 2

Row 3:
Join new color with ss in any TC.  

CH 1 (3 SC in same stitch, CH 2, skip next stitch) 8 times,  

join with slip stitch into first SC  
 24 SC 8 2ch spaces

Row 3

Row 4:
3SS to ch 2 sp
(Ch 3 (counts as DC)

2 DC,

Ch 1, 3 DC, Ch 1) in the first Ch-sp,  corner made

[ *(3 DC, Ch 1)* 1 time in the next Ch-sp,
2 times in the next Ch-sp (corner made)]

repeat from [ to ] 2 more times, and from * to * 1 more time  

join with slip stitch into top of first Ch 3  
finish off  36 DC, 12 SC spaces

Row 4

Row 5:
Join new color with SS in any corner, ch 1

*2sc in corner space, Ch 3,  

(1 SC in ch1 sp, Ch 3, ) twice *  

repeat from * to * 3 more times  

ending with ss in first sc.  
finish off.  16 sc 12 ch 3 spaces
Row 5

Row 6:
join with ss in first sc of any corner  

Ch 6 (counts as DC and ch 3),

 [DC (in SC), Ch3 ]  

repeat from [to] around,

join with slip stitch into third chain of first Ch 6  
16 DC, 16 ch 3 Spaces

Row 6

Row 7:
ss in corner ch 3 sp

Ch 1, [6 SC in corner Ch 3-sp, 

 (1 sc in DC, 3 SC in ch 3 sp) 3 times  

SC in DC ]  

repeat from [ to ] 3 more times  

join with slip stitch in first SC  
 finish off.  76 sc

Row 7

Row 8:
join with ss in 4th sc in any corner  

Ch 1, SC in same sc  

SC around, 3SC in corners (I made mine in the 3rd of the 6 corner sc),  

join with slip stitch in first SC

Repeat Row 8 if you need to make the square a little larger.

finish off.   

Round 8 Complete Square

 I would like to thank nleon307 for allowing me to write and post this tutorial.  But most of all, for creating this fun pretty square, and posting the instructions for free.

shaping the planet one (or two) new squares at a time

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