Friday, July 6, 2012

Round Photos for Eyelet Lace Square by Chris Simon

These are the Round Photos for the Eyelet Lace Square by Chris Simon, who is crochet-yogi on Ravelry.  Please check out her blog at  This is the regular 12 in. square for July for the 2012BAMCAL group on Ravelry.   As always with Chris Simon's designs, the instructions are complete, clear, and easy to follow.  These seem a bit weird at one point, but TRUST HER, she is right on. 

H hook recommended, I used a G hook as I hook loosely, and just hit 12 inches.

I did 2 versions of this square as I am making 2 different afghans during this BAMCAL.  I decided to change colors in different rounds just to see what that looked like.  I will show both in this post.  Other than finishing off, and attaching a new color with a ss, I hooked both squares as written, except the 11th round on the blue/blue/white square.  I thought the final square might be more than 12 in., so for that round I did hdc instead of dc, then did dc for round 12, the final round.

Round 1:
as written

Round 2:
as written

Round 3:
as written

Round 4:
as written 
Trust the directions  

Round 5:
as written  

Round 6:
as written

Round 7:
as written  

Round 8:
as written  

Round 9:
as written  

Round 10:
as written  

measured 9.5 in., so I did next round in hdc instead of dc  

Round 11:
as written  

measured 10.5 in  

Round 12:
I did Round 12 A which is the dc round for both squares.

 Thank you, Chris Simon for a great square with some great easy to follow instructions.

Stay safe and well.

Shaping the planet 2 eyelet lace squares (thanks to Chris Simon) at a time

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