Friday, July 20, 2012

Need to Post Fast and Get to Bed

Once again no FO's for my Friday.  But not for the usual reason.  (The usual reason is either that I am a slow knitter, or that I got busy with other things, and didn't knit.)

Since I finished my July socks so quickly, I've been working on mainly 2 things.  The Echo Flower Shawl for my mom, and a birthday gift for my niece, K, who will be 6 in August.

I am on the middle of the 12th of 13 repeats for the main body of the shawl (yay!).  I finally feel like I am developing a rhythm with the pattern.   Of course, I might have developed this rhythm a bit sooner, if I had been more monogamous with the shawl knitting.

I made a purse already for K from a free pattern I got (and the yarn to go with the pattern) on the Puget Sound LYS Tour in May.

I am knitting her a Belinda Jane Doll, but probably with different hair (she is blonde), and definitely different clothes, but I think that will be for Christmas.  The first Belinda Doll I made was for K's little sister, and I don't want the birthday gifts to be the same.

So she will get the purse, but I want to put 3 amigurumis in it for her.

I plan to give her my best mouse.

And, by best mouse, I mean the little cute one on the left.  The one that doesn't look mutant.

I still need to make 2 more little toys.

I worked on a Ballet Bunny, from the book Amigurumi by Bui and Wan.  I bought some Dream Baby DK by Plymouth Yarn in various colors.

 I hooked the pieces of the Ballet Bunny.

But I have not stuffed it, sewn the face, nor sewn the bunny together.

What I did instead all day, was play with a sock pattern I am designing myself.  I just couldn't make myself put the sock down and finish something.  I am really excited because it is my first pattern really from scratch.  I have altered other patterns, but never started with a blank slate.

Definitely more to come on the sock.  And I hope to post some really finished toys to put into the purse.

I did make myself hit theY, but rather than work on my Better Than French Vanilla Socks (which are almost ready for the heel flaps),

I worked on the new design while riding.

Where in the World is f1bercat?

Since I did not post yesterday, but did ride, I am adding yesterday and today together milewise.  This gives me about 13 miles for the 2 days. I have now knitted 318.93 miles.

View Larger Map

I am more than halfway through Oregon.

Stay safe and well.

shaping the planet with pieces of bunny  and almost, sort of, an echo flower shawl

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