Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why Can't I Count?

Everyone told me the circle socks are not very stretchy.  I kind of have cankles, too (that's fat ankles, where my ankles and calves are one big piece so:  calf/ankle = cankle).  I am making these socks for the Sock Knitters Anonymous June challenge (this group gives you 2 months to complete the challenge).  I'm using the gorgeous Honey Crisp sock yarn by Huckleberry Knits that I bought at Apple Yarns during the 2012 Puget Sound LYS Tour in May. 

Anyway, the pattern has an 8 stitch repeat (super easy by the way), and it calls for 64 stitches cast on.  So, I am thinking brilliantly that I will cast on 72 stitches, to help with the lack of stretch, and the cankle situation.  I can put 4 sets of 8 on one side of the magic loop needle, and 5 on the other. 9 x 8 = 72.  That should fit me.  But then I decide that I like this yarn knit tightly, so I drop down to a size 0 US needle.  With 72 stitches, that should still be ok.

I did 4 and 1/2 repeats of the leg pattern.  I split one skein of  yarn, and because I had to add stitches, I am a bit worried that I will run out.  These are more than 3 inches required to count for SKA, but won't be super long socks.

The heel is an Eye of Partridge pattern.

 I added a small side garter stitch to frame them.

I am knitting these socks 2-at-a-time, of course.  I finished the first heel, and was getting ready to start the second, when I realized that the first sock actually had 80 stitches, and the second sock only 72.  I am not kidding.  Somehow I never noticed that one sock had 7 stitch markers, and the other one 8.  I couldn't believe it.  How could I be so unobservant?  How could I knit the legs and not notice this? And, what to do now?

I tried on both socks, and the 80 stitch fit much better.  I actually could not really pull the 72 stitch sock over my heel.  Not stretchy, indeed.

So I frogged the 72 stitch sock, and cast it on a 2nd pair of needles, and spend the last 3 days reknitting it.  When I got to the heel, I put it back onto the same needle as the first sock, finished the heel turn, and went on with picking up both gussets.

I am back to working 2-at-a-time.

I love the look of the yarn.  I love the circles.

I REALLY love how the yarn looks on the heels.

I have finished the gusset and am now knitting the feet.  The pattern has the circles stopping at the heels, and a plain stockinette foot, but I have continued the circles down the foot to the end of the gusset at least.  I hope to finish these socks this week.  I plan on wearing them.

They better fit.

At least they are now the same size.

Stay safe and well, and if you live in the USA, hope you had a wonderful Independence Day.  We sure did.


almost shaping the planet with completely mismatched socks because I can't count to 10

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