Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where in the World is f1bercat?

I am not at my Wednesday night stitching group with my stitch buds.  I am not ON Mt. Rainier, but I did fly past it today on my way to Houston, Texas.  I am down here for 4 days to watch my son, Pookie, dance at the Houston Ballet Summer Intensive.

I flew down super early.  This kind of thing drives my kids crazy.  I took a 6 am flight out of SeaTac, which meant that I had to leave for the airport by 4 am. My darling son, Himes, got up and drove me. He was not very happy, but such a good boy. He didn't complain at all, at least out loud.

As the plane took off I was able to get a few photos out the window.  It was a bit misty, but this is what I saw:

Lake Washington with the 2 floating bridges, the bridge at the top of this photo crosses Mercer Island.

Downtown Seattle in the sunrise.

Puget Sound

And Mount Rainier with either Mount St. Helens or Mount Adams (not quite sure) in the background.

Truly I live in paradise.

I had a great day with my sister, K.  We ate lunch with her kids at Pappacito's Restaurant.  Yummy Tex-Mex food.

Had a great dinner, then coffee out with one of her friends.  The weather isn't horrible, just a bit... humid.

I hope to get some downtown Houston photos tomorrow.  She lives north of the city on the edge of a big pine forest, an ancient pine forest called, "Big Piney."  It is really lovely.  We saw deer on the side of the road.  And there was a gecko in her house.

I am super tired from getting up so early, so will keep this short.  I get to watch Pookie dance tomorrow.  I can't wait.

Stay safe and well.
shaping the planet deep in the heart of Texas

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