Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eastside Stitchers Take Over Crossroads

We had a great turn out for Eastside Stitchers tonight at Crossroads Mall..  Lots of stitching and laughing. A really long discussion about phones... with many funny stories about old landlines, and the cords that came with them.

Who was there and what were they stitching?

The evening started with Redbird1 who finished up her Color Affection Shawl.  This is the second color affection knit by an Eastside Stitchers member (GwenS was wearing her gorgeous version), and I have to say, both shawls make it very very tempting to knit one of my own.  Redbird1 finished up the last row, but will wait until the morning to cast off.  She is taking no chances with this beautiful shawl.

When I look at this shawl, after wiping off the drool, I remind myself, "endless garter stitch."

Colleen brought her beautiful raspberry lace scarf.  It makes me think of raspberry sherbert.

Tara1682 started a new project... a cowl?

Here is the yarn.  She had just cast on and was working the first few rows.
Love the colors.

Ellyol and Chatzy came together.

Ellyol's first project is a secret!  Shhhhhh!

I wasn't allowed to photograph it, because it is for a swap and is being mailed next week.  Her swap partner is really lucky.  Absolutely adorable.  I was able to get a photo of the baby  blanket Ellyol was hooking later in the evening.

Chatzy was knitting a hat for the Stitch N Pitch Charity.  The group is headed to a Mariner's Game in 2 weeks to join in the Stitch N Pitch fun.  Included in the goody bags was a suggestion to knit hats.  Chatzy has gotten a great start on hers.
Really electric glow in the dark colors.  This cute hat will make some lucky kid very happy.

GwenS, (wearing her color affection) was making good progress on her reversible cowl.

This is another Puget Sound LYS Tour project.

Hvrdmnky brought her blanket squares.

Such even stitches.  She is such a crisp knitter.

Jan wins for the worst photo.  Or I win for taking a horrible photo of Jan's WIP.  She was knitting a cotton washcloth.

Sorry, Jan.  We can almost see the really nice texture pattern you were using.

Allifer came later as usual, after work.  She brought her Infinity Cowl.

 This is another beautiful Puget Sound LYS Tour project.  I believe Allifer bought the yarn at Churchmouse Yarn and Teas, which was our last stop on the yarn shop tour.

I brought my better than French Vanilla socks, then made a stupid error in the seed stitch section and spent a lot of good knitting time trying to redo just those few stitches.  Ugh.  Still I love the yarn for those socks, and had fun (mostly) knitting them with the group.

Where in the World is f1bercat?

Yes!  I made it to the Y today and got in about 6 miles of biking/knitting,  and 1/2 mile of walking.  This puts me at 274.06 total miles and past Brownsville, OR.  I'm getting close to Eugene, OR.  I wonder if there are any good LYS in Eugene that I could visit next week?

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Where am I on the big map?

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I am about half way through Oregon. I can't wait to cross the border into California.  Not because I don't love Oregon.  I do.  I mean, Oregon is a very lovely state.  But I would actually like to reach my  destination.

Good night and sleep well.

shaping the planet  with some great knitting buds.

MsWiz, WHERE ARE YOU?  We really miss you.

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