Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eastside Stitchers Meet and Stitch to Patriotic Music

Hello!  I missed last week's meet up of the Eastside Stitchers because I was in Southern California at the wedding of my godson/nephew A and his beautiful bride S.  You might remember that I made the Fish Hat by Thelma Egberts for A,

and the Snuggly Socks from the Liz Marino Gift Knits Club for his bride S.

I have to say, the knitted gifts were a huge hit.

But, since I missed the meet up with my stitch buds, I was very happy to make it to Crossroads Mall tonight.

Wait a minute, you might be thinking, Tonight isn't Wednesday, and Eastside Stitchers meet on Wednesday nights from 5 - 9.

Well, you would be right, tonight is Tuesday, but since tomorrow is July 4, when we celebrate our Independance Day in the USA, we decided to meet a day early.  There was a community band on the Crossroads Stage tonight.  Which is why we stitched to some very ... energetic... patriotic music.  The band played "My Country 'Tis Of Thee," which all those from British Commonwealth countries will recognize as "God Save The Queen."  Chockelet was not at Crossroads tonight, but I sang the "God Save The Queen" line in her honor.

MzWiz, Jenknotsed8, Allifer, Cleothyla, SeattleAmy, and Hrvdmnky were not there, either... Missed you all, and hope to see you next week on the real night.

So, who was at Crossroads, and more importantly, what were they stitching?

When I arrived, our newest member, Redbird1 was knitting away on a Color Affection Shawl 

she is using some beautiful yarn from The Plucky Knitter.  The combination of these 3 colors is called, "What is a Weekend."  Just gorgeous.

Redbird1 also brought her completed Holden Shawl for show and tell.  She was knitting on it 2 weeks ago, and I am so happy she brought it in so I could see the finished object.

The yarn is Silk and Silver by Blue Heron Yarns.

We were soon joined by Ellyol, who is hooking up a secret surprise.  I am only allowed to show the yarn:

Ellyol said I could call it, "Thing."

and Chatzy, who was knitting a Wine Bottle Cozy in the colors of the Seattle Mariners.

GwenS was wearing her Color Affection, and knitting a Reversible Cowl. 

This pattern came from Bad Woman Yarns during the 2012 Puget Sound LYS Tour.  GwenS also got the yarn for the cowl there.  We are working hard at using up all the yarn we bought during the crawl.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Colleen brought a raspberry mohair lace scarf.

This is Colleen's first attempt at knitting mohair, and it is just lovely.

Jan brought a pair of socks.  These are so cool.
The yarn is her first attempt at dying.  She took a class on how to dye Sock Blanks. Her result is some very cool, self-striping yarn.

Tara1682 came a bit later, and was wearing her gorgeous Lavender Fields shawl.

Tara worked on her cable shawl.  She has quite a lot finished.

I knitted the gusset on my Circle Socks, but don't have a photo tonight.  I hope to tell that story tomorrow, before I run outside to watch our neighborhood firework show.

Until then, stay safe and well.

shaping the planet at one joyful wedding at a time

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