Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just the Bike Trip

Hello!  I worked on my Echo Flower Shawl and on a new gift for my niece, K, but have no photos, so I'm just posting my bike trip.  I am really trying hard to be on that exercise bike 5 days a week.  At some point, I hope my legs will stop hurting...

Where in the World is f1bercat?

I knit 7.5 miles today, which brings my total to 299.13 miles knitted.  I wish I had known I was so close to 300.  I might have dragged out a little bit more energy and hit 300 miles today.  Oh well, I will hit it tomorrow.

I have reached about halfway between Eugene, OR and Cottage Grove.

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There will be a bit of a celebration tomorrow when I reach 300 miles.  Of course, I will also be knitting with my Eastside Stitchers buddies at Crossroads, and that is a celebration in itself.

Way past my bedtime.  I hope to have some photos of progress on my Shawl, and the new stuff Thursday.

Until then, stay safe and well.

shaping the world on an exercise bike...

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