Monday, June 25, 2012

Round Photos for Moroccan Tile Square by Nancy Fuller

These are round photos for the Moroccan Tile Square Afghan/Pillow by Nancy Fuller.   I put off posting these photos because I could NOT find the designer anywhere to ask for permission.  Then I decided to email Leisure Arts, the publisher, and they gave me the permission to post the round photos.  I would like to thank Nancy Fuller for this beautiful square, and Leisure Arts for publishing it and giving me the permission.

All of the rounds were hooked "as written,"  unless noted below.

Round 1:
as written

Round 2:
as written

Round 3:
as written

Round 4:
as written

Round 5:
as written

Round 6:
as written

Round 7:
as written

Round 8:
as written

I did not finish off but continued with dk blue
Round 9:
had a bit of trouble with this round.  In the end I just made sure it had 5 sc centered on each side, and it seemed to work. 

Measured 10.5 in.
Uggh!  sorry for the sideways photo

Round 10: 
I Dc'd in each stitch with 2dc ch 2 2dc in each corner.
finished off.
Final round.

 Where in the world is f1bercat?

I knitted 5 miles, barely.  So hard after taking a few days off.  Obviously, I need to stop taking days off.  

Here is where I am on the big map:

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I am headed down to California for my nephew's wedding.  I don't know if I will be able to bike while there, but I hope to at least get some walking in.

Stay safe and well.
shaping the planet one gorgeous Tile Square (Thanks Nancy Fuller!)  at a time.

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