Thursday, June 21, 2012

USOC vs People with Pointy Sticks and Hooks

This is an update at noon Pacific time on the controversy about the use of the word "Ravelympics" for the biennial challenge on Ravelry to cast on/start a project during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games (winter and summer) and cast off/finish that project before the closing ceremonies.

A cease and desist letter was sent to the owners of Ravelry not only asking them to  remove patterns for sale that use the Olympic logo (they have a point here), and change the name of the challenge from Ravelympics to Ravelry Games (their suggestion), but also suggesting that the Ravelympics denegrates the Olympic Games and is insulting to the athletes.

The fiber community has taken to the internet and phone to protest both the tone and content of the letter.  You can follow some of it on Twitter.  Since the fiber hit the fan, Patrick Sandusky, a spokesperson for the USOC has "apologized" sort of and suggested that we knit stuff for the athletes to show our support.

There have been reports in many fiber related blogs, but it seems that the news is getting out as NPR has already blogged on this issue.  (I am just a bit irritated that they think it's funny to say we are in a "twist" even though I love NPR and yes, yarn does have a twist...)

I posted the information last night on the Colbert Report's facebook page, and also those of a few other public radio shows that I like: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and This American Life.  I am now waiting eagerly to hear this controversy discussed on the evening news.

It is not a good idea to denigrate people with pointy sticks.

shaping the planet one Ravelympics at a time

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